IMDEIntegrated Model Development Environment
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The result of case-III is compared with the result of PSO (Satish Kansal, Kumar, and Tyagi 2013), IMDE (Khodabakhshian and Andishgar 2016) and BBO (Ghaffarzadeh and Sadeghi 2016) techniques in Table 4.
"Simultaneous Placement and Sizing of DGs and Shunt Capacitors in Distribution Systems by Using IMDE Algorithm." Electrical Power and Energy Systems 82: 599-607.
Item PSO (Kansal, Kumar, IMDE (Khodabakhshian and Tyagi 2013) and Andishgar 2016) Total DG size in kW 1820 2217 Total capacitor size in 1300 1300 kVAr Total real power loss 23.17 13.83 % Loss reduction 89.70% 93.85% Min.