IMDEAInstituto Madrileno De Estudios Avanzados (Spanish: Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies)
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This increased longevity, although modest, is striking taking into account that until now attempts to increase longevity by manipulating individual antioxidant enzymes had failed," said Pablo FernEindez-Marcos, co-first author of the study and researcher at IMDEA Food.
Arturo Azcorra holds a double appointment as Full Professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid in the Telematics Engineering Department and Director of IMDEA Networks.
The IMDEA Food Institute performs human nutrigenomic studies on its platform comprised of common services for genomics, biostatistics, bioinformatics and nutritional counseling.
We are excited by the relationship with IMDEA Energy because this initial project to use our ultracapacitor technology could easily be the first of many projects with them and the Spanish Government," said David Walker, CEO, Enable IPC Corp.
5TONIC partners Telefonica, IMDEA Networks, University Carlos III Madrid, and Cohere Technologies have announced the companies have cooperated in a number of successful trials to test Cohere Technologies' OTFS waveform, a new radio technology that has been proposed for 5G radio interface in 3GPP, the company said.
In this context, IMDEA Networks launches a pioneering research project on BRAin inspired Data Engineering (BRADE-CM).
The researchers hailed from Universidad Carlos III in Madrid and Institute IMDEA Networks and sought the information in order to find out more about fake torrent files and to remind users that anonymity on torrent networks -- especially the Pirate Bay -- is far from being guaranteed.
OTCBB:EIPC), a leading company for turning technologies into products and successfully bringing them to market, today announced that it has partnered with the Madrid, Spain-based IMDEA Energy Institute to jointly develop ultracapacitors based on Enable IPC's patent-pending energy technology.
The purpose of the contract is to carry out the services of security and auxiliary services (concierge) of the facilities of the IMDEA Materials Foundation in Eric Kandel Street, 2, Science and Technology Park of Tecnogetafe, 28906 Getafe (Madrid) according to Established in the specifications.
Major organization : FUNDACION IMDEA SOFTWARE (G84908987)
Tenders Are Invited for Contract for the supply and assembly of high pressure X-ray spectroscopy equipment (NAP-XPS) for the study of photocatalytic materials for the IMDEA Energy Foundation.