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IMDG CODEInternational Dangerous Goods Code
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Part 11 requires compliance with the IMDG Code for international transport by sea and compliance with the Clear Language Regulations for domestic marine transport.
Similarly toxic substance have to be defined so as to include (but not to be restricted to) all materials covered by the international IMDG code, all radioactive substances and all discharges of stored or used munitions.
The Dangerous Goods database includes all information necessary for the classification of dangerous goods including: Class and sub-class information; label information; Hazard ID numbers; Marine Pollutant; MFAG Numbers; IMDG Code Page; and Packaging Codes.
To remedy this, Belgium proposes the creation of a new Special Provision (SP) "similar to SP 274 and SP 318 for safety hazards," requiring the PSN to be supplemented with the technical name for the marine pollutant in the IMDG Code only, to be assigned to a number of generic entries in the Dangerous Goods List.
The IMDG Code was developed as a uniform international code for the transport of dangerous goods by sea covering such matters as packing, container traffic, and stowage, with particular reference to the segregation of incompatible substances.
Conveyance offers training on IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations and the IMDG Code, as well as regulations from the Census Bureau, U.