IMDLIntelligent Machines Design Laboratory
IMDLInteractive Multimedia Distance Learning
IMDLInterlaboratory Method Detection Limits
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In the chemical environment of an explosion, some chlorine could react with hydrogen to form hydrogen chloride gas, which has an IMDL threshold of 100 parts per million by volume, or with carbon and oxygen to form phosgene, with an IMDL threshold of 2 parts per million by volume.
We move more than 3,000 loads per day and work with more than 40,000 prequalified local, regional, and national carriers, helping us identify and execute the right equipment and match for every dry, temperature-controlled, flatbed, private fleet TL, LTL, and IMDL shipment.
We work--with over 30,000 (and growing) pie-qualified local, regional and national Carriers, which helps us identify and execute the right equipment match for every dry, refrigerated, flatbed, TL, LTL and IMDL shipment--for the right rate, right mode, and overall optimal experience, every time.