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IMDSIndustrial Management and Data Systems (journal)
IMDSImage Data Stream
IMDSInternational Material Data System (automotive)
IMDSImaging Diagnostic Systems, Inc. (Florida)
IMDSIntegrated Maintenance Data System
IMDSImage Data Stream (Format)
IMDSInnovative Medical Device Solutions
IMDSIntegrated Mechanical Diagnostics System (BF Goodrich NAVAIR Army military helicopters)
IMDSIntrusion Misuse Detection System
IMDSIntegrated Maintenance Delivery System
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Maintenance of effort requirements were added to the legislation in response to advocates concerned that the inclusion of IMDs would displace resources currently going to community-based and other services.
To quantify the dispersion between the different cTn assays, IMD was calculated as detailed previously in the Materials and Methods section.
In this paper, combining the additive homomorphic cryptosystem and the oblivious keyword search, we propose a privacy-preserving IMDS, and the security of data stored in server can also be ensured.
Biofilm control in medical settings is a difficult challenge, particularly in the case of IMDs where the colonized surface is not readily accessible [27, 28].
Therefore, one should have some experience in order to use the IMDS and the CAMDS properly and efficiently.
The auto industry has adopted the mandatory International Material Data System (IMDS), which has more stringent reporting requirements than IPC.
The clinical disorders that arise from a single gene defect and develop as a consequence of a blockage of the metabolic pathways are accepted as inherited metabolic diseases (IMDs).
Hodges Transportation Inc DBA Nevada Automotive Test Center Honeywell International IHS Aerospace, Defense & Maritime IMDS Corporation IMI Services USA Inc.
To do that, Teamcenter has an integration component to the International Materials Data System (IMDS), a database maintained by Hewlett-Packard.
"The payment exclusion for Medicaid services provided to beneficiaries in IMDs is a statutory requirement established by Congress in 1965 and, therefore, beyond the scope of this regulation," CMS says.
Same But Different has recently partnered with Climb, a charity supporting families affected by over 700 Inherited Metabolic Diseases (IMDs) making up a large proportion of rare diseases.