IMDTIllegal Migrants Determination by Tribunals Act (India)
IMDTInstitute of Medical-Dental Technology (Ohio)
IMDTIndependent Media Diversity Trust (South Africa)
IMDTInstitute for Music, Dance and Theatre (est. 1969; Vienna, Austria)
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What Doug Band did not mention is that there are also alternative magazines that have been involved in the founding of IMDT.
I think I can safely say all seven of us, not to mention some of the independent newspapers, are all going to die unless the IMDT somehow is able to provide funding for us.
In the case of the IMDT, I think the panel was achieved by long discussion and eventual consensus, and therefore goes in with a great deal of support that makes it non-controversial, but you do put your finger on a problem I highlighted.
To be honest with you it was not an issue that was discussed in relation to the IMDT.
Particularly in the case of the IMDT, one hopes we will not have an IMDT in South Africa in 20, 30 years time.
But I hope IMDT lasts and grows because the need for media diversity does not go away and there is never enough media diversity so even if we have completely different ownership, the more the merrier.