IMEAIndia, Middle East and Africa
IMEAInstant Messaging Emoticons and Acronyms
IMEAInternational Music and Entertainment Association (Cave Spring, GA)
IMEAIllinois Music Educators Association
IMEAIntegrated Munitions Effectiveness Analysis
IMEAInstitut de Médecine et d'Epidémiologie Appliquée (French: Institute of Applied Medicine and Epidemiology)
IMEAIowa Music Educators Association
IMEAIdaho Music Educators Association (Idaho chapter of the Music Educators National Conference)
IMEAInternational Music Exchange Association
IMEAIntegrated Munitions Effects Assessment (software)
IMEAInteractive Multi-Variate Environmental Analysis
IMEAInstant Messaging Enabled Application
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Lahore -- Advance Telecom, Pakistan's leading mobile phone distributor and Nokia's official preferred partner, wins Nokia IMEA Outstanding Performance Award for the 6th consecutive time.
Speaking on the launch, Alessandro Lamanna, Vice-President Marketing - IMEA (India, Middle East, Africa) at Nokia, said, "We are focused on redefining the future of smart devices and continue to invest towards delivering truly compelling experiences to consumers across price points.
It's a fantastic opportunity for students to get real life experience in designing, developing and distributing a mobile app for consumers in an emerging app economy," said Joe Devassy, Head of Developer Experience, Nokia IMEA.
Senior Vice President, All India Management Association and VP Nokia IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa), expressed during his recent visit to Pakistan:
That means 75 different IT entities, and Mohammed oversees the IMEA (India, Middle East and Africa) region, which he says was using a lot of legacy applications that he had to unpick in order to move the company forward.
has approved the development of the Ravensworth North coal mine, which will be jointly owned by Cumnock Joint Venture in which IMEA holds a 10 percent interest.
She mentioned it to His Highness Shaikh Khalifa and he said all the greenery was watered by desalinated water," Latha Reddy, Secretary at IMEA, said.
Abdalla Al Banna, vice-president of commercial sales (UAE Region) TechnoPark attended the signing ceremony with Iven Chadwick, the head of Sika in IMEA, and Rene Ruh, Sika UAE general manager.
Strategic regional investments helped Dow Chemical IMEA to achieve a record high third quarter growth rate when compared to other global regions," the company said in a press statement.
Legislation came into effect a few weeks ago, making it a criminal offence to change a phone's IMEA (Inter-national Mobile Equipment Identity) number without the manufacturer's author- isation, or to supply or offer to supply the equipment for that purpose.
STABLE JOINT ACTION AGENCY: IMEA supplies wholesale power to its 32 participating members - municipal electric systems who serve cities and villages located throughout the state of Illinois.
IHG chief operating officer, IMEA Pascal Gauvin said: "I am pleased to welcome Bastien Blanc, Nicolas Craninx and Matthew Tripolone to the region.