IMECEInternational Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
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Vehicle Evaluation During Sustained Solid Axle Tramp, Part 1: New Testing Methods and Novel Approaches to Data Analysis," IMECE2015-51822, 2015, In Proceedings of IMECE 2015, ASME.
Vehicle Evaluation During Sustained Solid Axle Tramp, Part 2: Application of Methodology to Shock Absorber Design Strategies," IMECE2015-51833, 2015, In Proceedings of IMECE 2015, ASME.
Modeling thermal mass of a data center validated with actual data due to chiller failure, Proceedings of the ASME IMECE conference, November 11-17, Denver, Colorado, USA.
Keeping in mind that this was just a second year of the NED's return to the IMECE, it was great success with regards to the number of papers and quality of work presented.
Computational, analytical, and experimental methods are all well covered in multiple sessions annually at IMECE and at other conferences.
The ASME NanoEngineering for Energy and Sustainability steering committee set up panel presentations, technical sessions, and the Society-Wide Micro and Nano Technology Poster Forum to enable participants at IMECE in San Diego to explore issues related to nanotechnology.
AN IMPRESSIVE ARRAY OF SPEAKERS from government, industry, and academia assembled for a one-day Advanced Manufacturing Impact Forum, conducted during ASME IMECE in San Diego.
He has been co-organizing a symposium on "Nanomaterials for Energy Applications" at the ASME IMECE since 2007.
Our annual Heat Transfer Division Honors and Awards Luncheon was held at the 2012 IMECE in Houston.
This changed as a result of a forum at the 1992 IMECE in Anaheim organized by Yildiz Bayazitoglu of Rice University and G.
And for 2013, organizers have chosen advanced manufacturing as the theme of the IMECE, which is to be held in San Diego.
In addition, TCVS members and friends organize reviewed paper sessions, lectures and panel sessions at the annual IMECE and other conference venues.