IMEFI Marine Expeditionary Force
IMEFInstitut Méditerranéen d'Etudes Françaises (French: Mediterranean Institute of French Studies)
IMEFIntegrated Monitoring of Environmental Flows (est. 1997; Department of Natural Resources; New South Wales, Australia)
IMEFInternational Milling Education Foundation (Overland Park, KS)
IMEFIslamic Medical Ethics Forum
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The accumulation of data gradually made clear where larger units were concentrated, including 20 Iraqi divisions and five brigades in the IMEF area of operations.
IMEF supported the Division's use of a slow and deliberate tempo.
6) En el IMEF estan afiliados los responsables de la administracion financiera de importantes y diversas empresas e instituciones tanto del sector privado como del sector publico de Mexico.
And what emerged was a "deal" initiated by IMEF with a local retired Iraqi Army General and a group of locally recruited fighters, who formed the "Fallujah Brigade" and pledged to restore and maintain order.
Also, as an indication of the stature of IMEF, a representative from IMEF was selected as a member of CINIF The member is the current IMEF president (who serves as a volunteer).
I work very closely with superb officers on the IMEF (Fwd) staff to work engineering aspects of large strategic projects, as well as to assist the interests of the Seabees so that as operations are executed, engineering facets are supportive of the goals of each mission.
ENS Anthony DiCola, NMCB 133 deployed to Kuwait and Iraq with IMEF, IMEG
we continue having more written words than concrete actions," said Jose Valles, president of the IMEF (The Mexican Institute of Financial Executives).
Asistieron Daniel Calleja, director del IMEF en Mexico; Timothy Heyman, director de estudios economicos del instituto; Rogelio Ramirez de la O, propuesto para la secretaria de Hacienda y Credito Publico, y Gregorio Berrones, director de Finanzas de Reichhold.
271) IMEF headquarters and the l" Marine Division returned to Iraq in spring 2004, after a short stay at home after major combat operations.