IMEMIstituto dei Materiali per l'Elettronica ed il Magnetismo (Italian: Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism)
IMEMInstitute of Mathematics, Economics and Mechanics (est. 1994; Odessa National University; Ukraine)
IMEMInternal Medicine/Emergency Medicine (various schools)
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The main archives that provided comprehensive information on the buildings were Izmir IMEM and Bergama ILMEM archives.
Proposition 2: Product or services that require a high involvement from users (technological usage and application; supply arrangements) act as a strong influence on the entrepreneurs IMEM choice.
Trial operations of the enhanced IMEM are targeted within the month of May.
Zarate lashed at DOE for implementing the IMEM despite "the obvious lack of popular support from the people of Mindanao.
Tauli said IMEM is a failure, even as he belied the DOE that it has 300 MW of embedded power sourced through the IMEM.
Based on the application submitted earlier to the ERC, PEMC had earmarked P55 million to set up the IMEM.
Among the salient findings of the MCPC for the IMEM's initial month of operation covering the period December 3 to 25, 2013, include the total energy sold to the IMEM by embedded generators was zero; the total energy that IMEM Customers offered to buy from the IMEM was less than one percent of the total energy consumed by Mindanao consumers in the initial month of operation of the IMEM; and the three "final" Billing Statements sent by the PEMC to IMEM consumers had very large variances in the billed quantities and amounts, indicative of a systemic or fundamental error in the metering and billing process rather than merely wrong metering data, which was claimed by the Philippine Electricity Market Corp.
Based on a circular issued by the Department of Energy last month, PEMC has been directed to develop and implement the IMEM, which will serve as a venue for "transparent and efficient utilization of all available capacities particularly during periods wherein the contracted supply capacities of the load customers such as the distribution utilities and the industrial customers are not enough to meet their demand.
He said the implementation of IMEM on December 3 only burdened the people in Mindanao.
Nocos said that should weather conditions become more favorable, the IMEM, the Iligan diesel facility and the two power barges would be enough to avert any potential shortfall, specially during the elections this May.
the IMEM is pernicious to Mindanao power consumers (because the PEMC is making the consumers pay rates three times greater than ERC-approved generation rates, for energy that was not supplied or used, and (2.
Apart from providing the much needed additional power supply, the IMEM will also allow the Mindanaoans to be exposed to the true cost of power--a move that is expected to help create a more favorable business environment that may entice more companies to invest on the island's power sector, Asirit explained.