IMEPIndicated Mean Effective Pressure
IMEPInternet MANET Encapsulation Protocol
IMEPInstitut de Microélectronique, Electromagnétisme et Photonique (Grenoble, France)
IMEPInfection Management & Environmental Plan (various organizations)
IMEPInstituto Metodista de Petrópolis
IMEPIntegrated Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Plan (UNICEF)
IMEPIndependent Master Evaluation Plan
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Doyle, "Stephen Dodesham," 106; and Mooney, IMEP, 17.
Through the agreement, MetLife is the only dental carrier able to offer its dental preferred provider organization (DPPO) and dental health maintenance organization (DHMO) providers a discounted membership in IMEP.
In the one full manuscript (which I did not send), Festial sermons are listed in full with accurate incipits and explicits (not, sadly, always the case in IMEP editions: see JEBS 2003, 204-208).
IMEP and ITE reduce throughout the higher speed and lower speed range and maximize in the engine's mid range.
El presidente del IMEP destaca que el reto comun es la definicion ideologica de los tres partidos, para elaborar una oferta politica que sea creible para la sociedad.
The Adapt-CAS systems allows users to calculate display and log IMEP in real-time for up to 12 cylinders, at speeds to 15,000 rpm, up to 50,000 cycles.
VGXP has validated the CELLECTRA[R] IMEP device for use in human clinical trials and has opened an IND for studying its therapeutic vaccine candidate for cervical cancer (VGX-3100) delivered by the IMEP device.
The real-time combustion model is capable of simulating the HRR (heat release rate) and in-cylinder pressure, along with the related metrics, such as MFB50, PFP (Peak Firing Pressure), IMEP (Indicated Mean Effective Pressure) and BMEP.
As already discussed, MFB50 and IMEP are kept constant using the closed-loop injection controller.
Figure 3 and Figure 4 show examples of typical EGR dilution and lean lambda sweeps from stoichiometry, and 0% EGR operation, until combustion stability deteriorates past 3% and 5% COV of IMEP.
The collection includes a number of what can now be called standard items in any IMEP list: copies of the Brut (MSS 174 and 182) and the Mirror of the Blessed Life of Jesus Christ (MSS 142 [1-4] and 143), as well as the Wycliffite bible in whole or in part (MSS 147 and 440) and the Wycliffite sermon cycle (MS 336).
While they found a significant attenuation in knock propensity at engine loads below 12 bar IMEP with the use of EGR, the ability to advance combustion phasing when EGR was added at high loads diminished to the point where nearly no benefit was observed at loads above 15 bar IMEP.