IMERCInterstate Mercury Education and Reduction Clearinghouse (Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association)
IMERCIncineration of Wastes Containing Organics and Mercury (EPA)
IMERCIndustrial and Marine Engine Repairs Company, WLL (Sitra, Bahrain)
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Hendra, Chairman IMERC urged the Indonesian people to support the cause of Kashmiris self-determination right.
Quoting various UN Resolutions, Hendra, Chairman, IMERC urged the Indonesian people and international community to support the cause of self-determination of Kashmiris people.
Projects in the pipeline also include collaboration with the Beaufort Laboratory UCC located at the IMERC Campus in Ringaskiddy, the National Sensor Centre in DCU, Tyndall Research Institute in UCC, the Eindhoven Technical University and the University of Central Florida.