IMETInternational Military Education and Training (US DoD)
IMETIntegrated Market Enforcement Team (Royal Canadian Mounted Police)
IMETInstitute of Medical Education and Training (Australia)
IMETIncident Meteorologist (NOAA)
IMETImetelstat Sodium (cancer drug)
IMETInorganic Membrane Electrolysis Technology (Vandenborre Technologies)
IMETInnovative Mechanical & Electrical Technology (Corporation)
IMETImproved Meteorological Instruments for Ships
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The IMET programme exemption is meant to continue contacts with future military leaders.
DARE 2017 takes place at Baltimore's beautiful IMET Center, situated at the crossroads of the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast and within two hours' travel time for 27 percent of the Fortune 1000.
As stated in the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, the intent of Congress in establishing the IMET program was to improve the ability of allied and friendly countries to achieve self-reliance in their security objectives, increase awareness of basic issues involving internationally recognized human rights and civil-military relations, and develop greater understanding and fraternity between participants and participating nations.
Although IMET funding has increased by more than 70 percent since fiscal year 2000, the number of students trained has decreased by nearly 14 percent.
Si bien los entrenamientos del IMET se imparten en distintos lugares, incluso fuera de Estados Unidos, muchos de ellos tienen lugar en las instalaciones del Whinsec en Fort Benning, Georgia.
The IMET restriction to Indonesia was partially lifted in 1995.
Through professionalization and technical courses, and specialized instruction, IMET provides students from allied and friendly nations valuable training and education on U.
IMET was created as a grant program by Congress, under the International Security Assistance Act of 1976, which was an amendment to the Foreign Assistance Act of 1961.
The DOD, then, seeks to use IMET as "an instrument of influence" by establishing foreign friendships with American officers.