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IMETSIntegrated Meteorological System
IMETSInfosoft MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) EMS (Enhanced Messaging Service) Testing Suite (software)
IMETSIntegrated Meteorological and Environmental Terrain System
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ASAS RWS Block I and IMETS primarily exchange information through United States Message Text Format (USMTF) messages; however, ASAS RWS II (ABCS Version 6.X) may access IMETS data various ways.
* The ASAS RWS has direct access to IMETS built into its graphical user interface (GUI) and can access the weather intelligence maintained in the METS database.
* The ASAS operator might request a terrain map from the DTSS and the precipitation forecast from the IMETS database (see Figure 2).
* The IMETS provides COP overlays produced by client applications, such as the Integrated Weather Effects Decision Aid (IWEDA), or statically built by the METS weather team.
* ASAS may pull IMETS weather products posted to the IMETS weather homepage on the tactical operations center (TOC) local area network (LAN).
ASAS RWS Block II and DTSS can exchange data along lines similar to those of ASAS and IMETs through a client application (DTSS Overlay Provider or DOP) and USMTF messages.
In the near term, the following activities will likely influence and enhance ASAS, IMETS, and DTSS interoperability:
The feature of IMETS that enables the Air Force Combat Weather Team (CWT) as a true force multiplier is the system's integration with the Army Battle Command System (ABCS).
The IMETS currently fielded is in two configurations.
Team IMETS has worked more than ten years to produce a system that provides badly needed weather information to Army commanders and staff.
ABCS planners have considered the need to fuse the capabilities of the IMETS, ASAS, and DTSS in a single "box" at the brigade and division levels.