IMEVIstanbul Marmara Egitim Vakfi (Turkey)
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Thus endeth Palomon and Emelie/And god save all this fair companye Explicit Arcite and Palamon." IMEV 4019/65.
11 Lydgate's 'Verses', in the 'first redaction' (IMEV3632), consists of fifteen rhyme royal stanzas describing the kings beginning with William the Conqueror; a 'second redaction' (IMEV 882) adds fifteen rhyme royal stanzas on the AngloSaxon kings from Alfred to Harold.
At folios 37v to 38, IMEV 3478 is comprised of excerpts from Speculum Vitae, lines 12561 to 12658 (with many excisions), and 12771 to 12782.
fols [39.sup.v]-145: 'a tretys of Oure Lady howe sche was wedded', 1678 lines in couplets (IMEV 1835); edited from this manuscript by Karl Reichl, 'Ein Mittelenglische Marienleben aus der Hs.
Towards this new edition, I am pleased to offer a few odd notes of correction and addition to the old IMEV and its published Supplement.
Whilst Mynors and Thomson print the piece as prose, it is apparent that it is in fact verse, either an entire poem (not recorded in IMEV) or possibly a fragment (though I have not been able to identify the poem from which it is excerpted).(3) The rhyme scheme emerges more clearly if we assume the omission of an abbreviation mark in the final word, stu[n]de not stude.
Additional 16165 is one of two anthologies that Shirley supplied with a versified table of contents; toward the beginning of the one in Additional 16165 (IMEV 1426), he avers that he has obtained his texts in many locales--that he "sought be copie/in many a place"--a declaration that, though he may have been unaware of it, he could have made regarding his paper as well.
One text that runs right through this nexus of surviving books by Shirley and his heirs, Lydgate's verses on the 'Kings of England' (IMEV 3632), illustrates well the fact that Shirley's books were not necessarily the exemplars for the common texts of his heirs.
The Drummonds of Hawthornden had owned MS Fairfax 8, which contains 'De Regimine Principum' (IMEV 3430), first printed c.
The texts in the manuscript's first gathering include a Valentine's Day poem by Lydgate (IMEV 3065), a poem with the refrain "service is non eritage" (IMEV 1446), another with the refrain "gode rule ys out of remembrans" (IMEV 1982), the two satiric verse love epistles that concern me here (IMEV3832 and 2437), two "stand-alone" verse love epistles (IMEV 1334 and 1510), and an eight-line stanza on old age (IMEV 1652).
4 Mistrust of kin is to be found in another of the pieces of verse found in the Boke of St Albans; see 'Fer from thy kynnysmen keste the' (IMEV 761; Whiting, Proverbs, Sentences, and Proverbial Phrses, K24).