IMEVIstanbul Marmara Egitim Vakfi (Turkey)
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Secondly, I have noticed a number of poems in medieval manuscripts which are not listed in the IMEV or its Supplement.
This is not part of any work known to me, and this acephalous text is not listed in the IMEV.
r]: maxims in short stanzas, not included in the IMEV.
f) 'Erl or Baroun which that thoruh regiouns', not listed in the IMEV, is a single stanza (St.
It is not noticed in the IMEV, though it did previously appear in Carleton Brown's Register of Middle English Religious Verse.
Corrections and additions to existing entries, by IMEV number:
IMEV 99, 'Balade in Commendation of Our Lady': in MS no.
IMEV 199, Lydgate's 'Rammeshorne': MS 3, the Maitland Folio, Cambridge, Magdalene College Library, MS Pepys Library 2553, p.
IMEV 500, Lydgate's 'Sodein Falls of Princes'; in MS 3, British Library MS Addit.
IMEV 674, 'Deceit Deceiveth' (an extract from Lydgate's Fall of Princes, Bk.
IMEV 824, Lydgate's 'Dietary'; the Supplement indicates that the poem appears in MS Harley 541 on 'ff.
by Carleton Brown and Rossell Hope Robbins (New York: Columbia University Press, 1943), hereafter IMEV, no.