IMEVSIndex of Middle English Verse
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(74.) London, British Library MS Additional 29729 is the other Shirley production graced with a verse table of contents (IMEV 2598); Hammond publishes both of them in Eleanor P.
(82.) The only other paired set of Middle English verse love epistles is the early fifteenth-century macaronic "De amico ad amicam" and its "Responsio" (IMEV nos.
33) with a copy of Lydgate's Guy of Warwick (IMEV 875), which, like 'The Title and Pedigree of King Henry VI' would have been an appropriate poem for Shirley to copy with its Warwick connections.
Scribe B begins Chaucer's 'Anelida and Arcite' (IMEV 3670), writing two columns on folio [134.sup.r].
(29) It may be significant that the marginal note 'Doctor Peni wirt this booke' appears on folio [150.sup.r], one of two folios on which scribe E wrote his only contribution to the volume, a copy of Lydgate's 'Kings of England' (IMEV 3632), or that this quire is written by two hands that appear nowhere else in the volume.
The manuscript also contains (fols [4.sup.v]-[12.sup.v]) a copy of Lydgate's Guy of Warwick (IMEV 875) with an introduction in Shirley's style: 'an abstract owte the cronycles in Latyn made by Gyrade Cornubyence the worthy the cronyculer of Westsexse & translated into Englishe be Lydegate daun Johan at the request of Margret countess of Shrewsbury lady Talbot Fournyvale & Lytle of the lyfe of that moste worthy knyght Guy of Warrewyk of whose blode she lenyally descendid' (fol.
[157.sup.v]; IMEV 533), and The Siege of Rhodes, beginning on folio [160.sup.v].
by Carleton Brown and Rossell Hope Robbins (New York: Columbia University Press, 1943), hereafter IMEV, no.
The long Shirleian-style introduction to Lives of Saints Edmund and Fremund (IMEV 3440) names Shirley's lord, Richard Beauchamp, as commissioner of the poem (fol.
Other manuscripts by this scribe are Worcester, Dean and Chapter MS F.172, a collection of religious pious and didactic texts; BL MS Cotton Claudius A.viii, fols [175.sup.r]-[97.sup.v], a copy of Fortescue's Governance; Trinity College MS R.3.21, fols [34.sup.r]-[49.sup.v] where the scribe copied most of a single quire, containing 'Pety Job' (IMEV 1854) and 'Parce Mihi Domine' (IMEV 561); BL MS Harley 78, fol.
In Additional 34360 he writes Chaucer's 'Complaint to Pity' (IMEV 2756) and the anonymous 'Complaint to his Lady' (IMEV 3414) as if they were a single text, beginning folio 49 with a copy of Shirley's introductory note for the 'Complaint to Pity'.
(13) Additional 34360 duplicates the four texts from Harley 78 and Trinity R.3.20, originally in the thirteenth, fourteenth, and fifteenth quires of the disassembled volume, about which I have written above; four French roundels on folios [22.sup.v] and 23 of which three are attributed to William de la Pole in both manuscripts; and two other English poems found also in Trinity R.3.20, 'Anelida and Arcite' (IMEV 3670) and 'On Kissing at Verbum caro factum est' (IMEV 4245).