IMEWEIndia-Middle East-Western Europe (plan for submarine cable network to link Mumbai, India to Marseilles, France; Alcatel-Lucent)
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The IMEWE submarine cable is an ultra-high capacity fiber optic submarine cable system that links internet and communications systems from India to Europe via the Middle East.
"A fault has occurred in IMEWE due to which users will experience slow internet browsing whereas another international cable system SEAME-WE 4 is already under repair by the international consortium," said Sikandar Naqvi, an official of Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL).
He also mentioned that PTCL has already invested in 4 international cable systems (SMW-3, SMW-4, IMEWE and AAE-1).
The IMEWE is an ultra-high capacity fibre optic cable system which links India and Europe via Middle East.
OGERO credited Najib Mikati personally with readily running to the rescue of the IMEWE cable by relentlessly working since early morning to save the INTERNET connection.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation (TOKYO:6503), a manufacturer and marketer of electrical and electronic equipment, has completed work and upgraded the submarine cable network on the India-Middle East-Western Europe (IMEWE) Cable Network, it disclosed on Monday.
Lebanon has long had the physical capacity to supply cheap, high-speed Internet to the country and in December 2010 a 13,000km IMEWE (India- Middle East- Western Europe) submarine fiber optic cable, which linked Lebanon as far east to India and west to France, became operational.
IMEWE Submarine Cable is a Tera bit capacity submarine cable system connecting India to Western Europe through Middle East.
"Most recently we have participated in TEAMS, IMEWE and the Regional Cable Network (RCN) which promise greater and more reliable connectivity for our region.
We are calling for a Mass Demonstration on April 17 at 10 AM at the root of the problem, at the IMEWE Internet Cable Trunk in Tripoli, North Lebanon."
The three pair fibre cable, named IMEWE (India-Middle East-Western Europe), has a designed capacity to carry 3.84 terabits of data per second, and is also the most advanced cable connecting India to Italy and France in Western Europe via the Middle East, with landings enroute in Pakistan, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Lebanon.