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IMFInternational Monetary Fund (United Nations)
IMFInternational Myeloma Foundation
IMFIntelligent Message Filter
IMFIntermolecular Forces
IMFIn My Feelings (song)
IMFInside Mortgage Finance (publication)
IMFInvestment Management Fee (various organizations)
IMFInput Method Framework (computer programming)
IMFInitial Mass Function
IMFIndian Mountaineering Foundation (est. 1957)
IMFInterplanetary Magnetic Field
IMFIndividual Master File
IMFInstitut for Matematiske Fag (Danish: Department of Mathematical Sciences)
IMFIpf Maintenance Facility
IMFInternet Mapping Framework
IMFInternational Metalworkers' Federation
IMFIntelligent Meta File
IMFIn My Face
IMFImpossible Mission Force
IMFInert Matrix Fuel (energy)
IMFIndie Music Filter (blog)
IMFInternational Music Feed (est. 2005; music channel)
IMFIntramuscular Fat
IMFIntermediate Maintenance Facility
IMFImmunofluorescence (immunology)
IMFInframammary Fold (anatomy)
IMFInstitute of Metal Finishing
IMFIntermaxillary Fixation
IMFIntergalactic Magnetic Field (astrophysics)
IMFIntrinsic Mode Function (signal processing)
IMFInventory Master File
IMFIndustrial Materials for the Future
IMFInstituteur Maître Formateur (French: Master Teacher Trainer)
IMFInteractive Media Forum (india)
IMFIntermediate Moisture Foods
IMFInstructional Materials Fund
IMFIntegrated Management Framework
IMFIllegally Manufactured Fentanyl (pain medication)
IMFIntermolecular Attractive Forces
IMFIraq Memory Foundation
IMFImphal, India - Municipal (Airport Code)
IMFImmunomonitoring Facility (Burnett Institute; Australia)
IMFInternational Myomassethics Federation
IMFIntermediate Moment Frame (steel structures)
IMFInterdenominational Ministers Fellowship
IMFInteractive Mainframe Facility
IMFIntra Molecular Friction
IMFIntelligent Minefield
IMFInternational Marketing Federation
IMFIntegrated Maintenance Facility
IMFIrish Medicines Formulary
IMFInformação de Mercados Financeiros SA
IMFIMSI Management Forum
IMFIFRA Message Format
IMFInternational Mozarteum Foundation (Austria)
IMFImproved Message Facility
IMFInterference Mitigation Filter
IMFInternational Migration Flow
IMFInformation Management Folder
IMFIrrigation Maintenance Fund (India)
IMFIntern in Marriage and Family Therapy (California)
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They said the IMF was not accepting Pakistan's projections for current account deficit, external financing requirements and exact financing gap that the country was facing during the current fiscal year.
The finance secretary informed the IMF mission that the government has set its eyes on achieving 6 per cent GDP growth which is inclusive, pro-poor and sustainable.
A good overview of MXF and how it compares to IMF can be found in a blog post by Dalet's Bruce Devlin (go2sm.
IMF support for Ukraines recent reform efforts is a timely reminder of how important the IMF is to our national security and economic interests.
For its part, the IMF has a large volume of credits outstanding.
The Turkish president simply wanted to free himself from all these constraints imposed by the IMF and other watchdog organizations rather than manage the economy better on sound and reasonable policy decisions.
The IMF has created an immoral system of modern day colonialism
At a time when the major emerging market economies, most notably China, were being called upon to help resolve the crisis, either through lending to the IMF or through refraining from allowing their currencies to depreciate, those countries were grossly underrepresented in the IMF's governance structure.
Missing a payment to the IMF is not something that happens often.
IMF managing director Christine Lagarde meets Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union finance minister Arun Jaitley and President Pranab Mukherjee in New Delhi on Monday.
Developing nations have longed viewed the IMF with suspicion for promoting disastrous privatizations that complicated the transition from communism for some emerging nations in the early 1990s, and for pushing budget cuts that exacerbated debt crises in Asia and Latin America a few years later.
At the Bretton Woods conference, the IMF was tasked with coordinating the system of fixed exchange rates to help the international economy recover from two world wars and the instability in the interwar period caused by competitive devaluations and protectionist trade policies.