IMFAImmigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986
IMFAIsraeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
IMFAInternational Molded Fibre Association (formerly IMEPEA)
IMFAIndian Modelling and Film Academy (India)
IMFAIslington Managua Friendship Association (UK)
IMFAIndirect Method of Fluorescent Antibodies
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In the entire FY 19, IMFA clocked revenue of Rs 1,634 crore, down from Rs 1,769 crore in previous fiscal, exports of Rs 1,470 crore, down from Rs 1,507 crore, EBITDA of Rs 285 crore, down from Rs 461 crore, and profit of Rs 11 crore, down from Rs 187 crore.
Direct savings are substantially larger, but IMFA will provide health care for all with no financial barriers, leading to more care for more people.
AlHuda CIBE Chief Executive Officer Zubair Mughal told reporter here Sunday that IMFA aimed at promoting Islamic micro finance industry as well as encouraging Islamic micro finance institutions working hard on this count.
Nearly a decade later, the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs (IMFA) published its findings on the strike:
Government of Odisha has planned to open various ITCs in across the state in partnership with corporates, and this quality residential training centre is an outcome of the plan where IMFA has joined.
Factors considered were population size (PS); distance to 3 large populations (D3L); distance to 3 high-incidence populations; a ranking system for the effectiveness of using MID (PED); a measure of average mosquito infestation during the dengue season in 2011 (IMFA); population density; income per capita; and an index between 0 and 1 that included employment, income, education, and health, all with equal weight.
India's leading ferro alloys manufacturer IMFA Group is getting prepared to make an investment in Sivas, which is a province home to rich underground reserves, a statement from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Sivas (TSO) said on Thursday.
Potential problems with the IMB industry came to the attention of the INS in the 1980s, when the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments (IMFA) made it more difficult for the spouse of an American citizen to become a resident.
(4) See 4-42 Gordon, supra note 2, at [section] 42.01 (detailing the many restrictions placed on aliens who seek to obtain citizenship through marriage to a United States citizen); see also Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986 ("IMFA"), 8 U.S.C.
(63) Until the passage of the 1986 Immigration Fraud Amendments (IMFA), the spouse of a United States citizen achieved permanent residency status with little delay or investigation.
Like prior laws, but with new presumptions and procedures, the Immigration Marriage Fraud Amendments (IMFA) of 1986 authorize the INS to scrutinize immigrants' nuptial ties to citizens or LPR's in an effort to discover and deport any alien who obtained immigration status fraudulently, through a bogus marriage.