IMFAImmigration Marriage Fraud Amendments of 1986
IMFAIsraeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs
IMFAInternational Molded Fibre Association (formerly IMEPEA)
IMFAIndian Modelling and Film Academy (India)
IMFAIslington Managua Friendship Association (UK)
IMFAIndirect Method of Fluorescent Antibodies
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Direct savings are substantially larger, but IMFA will provide health care for all with no financial barriers, leading to more care for more people.
An investigation by the IMFA revealed that the MAGC had approved the targeting of policemen on the basis that the "police are part of the armed forces" of Hamas (IMFA, 2009, page 89).
Government of Odisha has planned to open various ITCs in across the state in partnership with corporates, and this quality residential training centre is an outcome of the plan where IMFA has joined.
IMFA Group will cooperate with Turkey's Yazici Group while making the investment, the statement said.
Following the passage of IMFA in 1986, as the stories of Anastasia King, Helen Clemente, and other mail-order brides captured the media's attention, the law began to move away from protection of the consumer husband and toward protection of the mail-order bride.
Part II describes the statutory and regulatory scheme governing immigrant women, including the IMFA of 1986 that Congress enacted to curb illegitimate immigration," the amendment to the statute in 1988,(18) and subsequent INS regulations implementing these laws.
7 -- The earlier power supplied through 132 KV ICCL Grid-Choudwar Grid line of Odisha Power Transmission Corporation Limited was not adequate to handle the power flow due to enhanced capacity of the CGP of IMFA at Choudwar.
Meanwhile, Subhrakant Panda, managing director of IMFA, said, "It is very encouraging to see Finance Minister talk about reviving the manufacturing and the infrastructure sector.
Other sectors with ED dues against them include Indian Metals & Ferro Alloys Limited- IMFA (INR 40.
The capacity upgradation may take three years," said Subhrakant Panda, managing director and CEO of IMFA.
Facing a succession of ever more complex immigration statutes enacted from 1986 to 1996 (IRCA, IMFA, IMMACT, MTINA, and IIRAIRA), corporate and individual clients have repeatedly sought the firm's counsel and legal representation to avoid engaging in unlawful discrimination and to obtain employment authorization, lawful permanent residence or U.
3% is also projected for Bulgaria for 2017 in the IMFas latest Regional Economic Issues <a href="http://www.