IMFIInterleaved Memory Function Interpolators
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On the other hand, immunization with the antigen in the presence of mGMCSF resulted in significantly higher iMFI for [CD8.sup.+] IFN-[[gamma].sup.+] and [CD8.sup.+] IL-[10.sup.+] than the respective control, pcDNA-mGMCSF (p < 0.05) (Figures 5(a) and 5(d)).
Integrated median fluorescent intensity (iMFI) of IFN-[gamma] (a), TNF-[alpha] (b), IL-2 (c), and IL-10 (d).
There are more than 300 Islamic microfinance institutions (IMFIs)working in 32 countries of the world but funding has always been a critical issue in the Islamic microfinance industry.
The main hurdle, then, is the transmission of funds, but this can be addressed through better IT integration for connecting donors/funds providers and IMFIs around the globe through different trustworthy payment gateways.
The same rating action was applied also to IMFI's outstanding Bond III/2009.
As of December 2010, there was an equivalent of IDR1.1trn (USD123.9m/EUR91m) of an unused credit facility from several lenders, which backs IMFI's willingness to pay off its maturing IDR170bn Bond III Series B Year 2009, PEFINDO noted.
An agreement between an entrepreneur and IMFI according to which, IMFI provides required capital for a particular project while the entrepreneur invests labour and expertise.
It is most commonly used mode of Islamic microfinance and based on sale contract between the IMFI and the entrepreneur in which rather advancing loan to the entrepreneur, IMFI buys goods from the market on requisition and sell to the borrower with profit.
This contradictory result could be explained with the fact that the lower iMFI values of IFN-[gamma], IL-2, and TNF-[alpha] in BCG-vaccinated mice were observed (see the case of IL-2 in Figure 3(c) as representative).