IMFIInterleaved Memory Function Interpolators
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The crowdfunding platform concept is emerging rapidly and now many IMFIs are utilizing this concept to secure funding for Islamic microfinance.
Venture capital can adequately be utilised by Islamic microfinance institutions to provide funding to IMFIs where IMFIs can offer range of IMF products and services, and, in return, provide institutional growth and sustainability, with ample profit that can be shared with capital providers.
It is an Islamic form of leasing in which IMFI buys the required asset or property and leases it to the entrepreneur against installments for an agreed period.
However, IMFI is allowed to receive a service fee from the borrower to cover the administrative and transaction cost but it should not be associated with the maturity or loan amount.
De hecho, a veces ellos mismos escriben las reglas", asegura, al tiempo que muestra una norma sobre la exposicion al asbesto en los lugares de trabajo y respecto de la cual ella y Cejudo coinciden en que fue influida por el IMFI.
El personaje mas visible del tejido de relaciones es Luis Cejudo, el presidente en funciones del IMFI, cuyo activismo en el impulso al asbesto en Mexico y el continente termino por atraer el escrutinio internacional.