IMFTInstitut de Mécanique des Fluides de Toulouse (French)
IMFTIntel/Micron Flash Technology (joint venture for NAND memory fabrication)
IMFTInter Modal Freight Terminal (shipping)
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12-14,18,21) While the IMFT in patient 5 was identified at laparotomy for post-traumatic purposes, none of the patients in the present study had a past history of abdominal trauma or surgery.
Announced last April, with shipping beginning in December 2011, the 20nm IMFT NAND uses a new cell structure that enables more aggressive cell scaling than conventional architectures.
Most of the work will be theoretical and numerical but INTECOCIS will also include validation on laboratory burners (at IMFT and other laboratories in Europe) as well as applications on real combustors for European companies collaborating with IMFT and CERFACS.
Despite the setback, IMFT also announced this week that it has started the recruitment process for a headteacher for Ingleby Manor School and Sixth Form.
Frances Lynch, one of the directors of IMFT, said: "If the plans are refused we will appeal.
In a letter to the planning department, Stephen Fryer, chairman of IMFT, said: "The Free School will dramatically reduce the number of students bussed and driven by parents to these neighbouring schools on a daily basis, as the school will offer a total of 600 11-16 school places and a 150-place sixth form.
The results from IMFT continue to exceed our expectations," said Randy Wilhelm, vice president and general manager, Intel NAND Solutions Group.
Insights from different perspectives were offered by Sanjiv Taneja of Cadence, Raymond Lee of NANO ISI, Scott Gatzemeier of IMFT, Octavio Martinez of Qualcomm and John Chen of nVidia.
The expected charges are primarily driven by the decision by Intel and Micron to discontinue the supply of NAND flash memory from a 200mm facility within the IMFT manufacturing network.
Intel plans to open one new 300mm wafer fab every year with its IMFT joint venture with Micron
Intel is investing to open one new 300mm NAND fab every year with its IMFT JV with Micron Technology.