IMGBIt Might Get Better
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Gaining time induces lower daily energy intake Gaining time is a very important outcome when performing IMGB.
However, IMGB is recommended for people with a normal or higher IQ and a will power and want to lose weight with a healthy and tested method, as it is gastric banding.
IMGB omits the phase of surgery and performs what should be done from the very starting point.
IMGB uses the concept of the classic gastric banding but mainly performs the treatment of the greed of obese people.
For this reason, the calorie restriction policy and the physical exercise are parts that can be added in the IMGB program.
Having in mind this important study, IMGB is a method that reduces energy intake and educates the patient to avoid greed which is the most important cause for excessive food intake according to Swinburn et al.
4) Lifelong self awareness is succeeded with the method of IMGB and it always reminds to people that they should not be greedy.
Based on the elements that appear in this framework, IMGB may theoretically offer a contribution in both physical and sociocultural as well in economic environmental obesogenic drivers.