IMGIInternational Medical Graduate Institute
IMGIInternational Mobile Group Identity (telecommunications)
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(2015) this retrieval is labeled IMGI (formerly after the Institute of Meteorology and Geophysics, which is now ACINN).
(a) Potential temperature profiles (line colors: see legend) extracted at the time of the radio sounding from nearby Innsbruck airport; time-height cross sections of potential temperature for (b) RPG retrieval (manufacturer's calibration; see Table ES2) and (c) IMGI retrieval [improved calibration according to Massaro et al.
In this paper, we use a well-known O([[absolute value of V][absolute value of MG].sup.2]) algorithm of Kou et al [9], where |V| is the number of nodes in the network graph and IMGI is the size of the multicast group comprising of the source nodes and the receiver nodes, to approximate the minimum edge Steiner tree in graphs representing snapshots of the network topology.