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There were 36 medical officers, of whom 28 were IMGs and eight LMGs.
Of the 28 IMGs who joined the department, 71% (20/28) were on a fixed-term service contract, and returned to their respective country of origin.
Eight of the 28 IMGs (29%) extended their tenure, and remained in the service position.
There are two themes emergent in current discourse on IMGs which this paper sets out to highlight.
One response to this has been intense debate about shifts in policy over the regulation, assessment and placement of IMGs to fill the gaps in Australia's medical workforce.
This dependence is at its most significant in rural and remote areas where IMGs make up to 37 per cent of the GP workforce.
IMGs also practiced more often in primary care shortage areas than did U.S.-trained physicians--87% vs.
health care system continues to rely on IMGs to address shortages in primary care," Ms.
TORONTO -- Five hundred fifty international medical graduates participated in the the Provincial IMG Clinical Assessment held at McMaster University, University of Toronto, University of Western Ontario and University of Ottawa.
The existing research, however, has not directly examined the factors that affect IMGs' choices of practice location.
However, the location choices of IMGs are likely to differ from those of U.S.
Second, many IMGs have H-1B visas, which allow them to work for three years in the United States after finishing GME, before returning to their home countries.