IMGWIntelligent Modular Gateway
IMGWInstytut Meteorologii i Gospodarki Wodnej (Polish: Institute of Meteorology and Water Management)
IMGWInstitute for Meteorology and Water Management (Poland)
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The distribution of the IMGW and the ASG-EUPOS meteorological stations is representative for the area of Poland.
The input data for tomography model according to the diagram shown in Figure 8 are the meteorological observations from Polish EPN stations and IMGW synoptic stations (Fig.
Because these points are located in the gardens of meteorological stations and posts IMGW there is cooperation with the Institute of Meteorology and Water Management in the field sampling.
The contract is for the supply of computer hardware and licensed software, instructions and any guarantees provided equipment - warranty card manufacturer (if they are necessary to fulfill warranty) - for Department of Marine IMGW - National Research Institute in Gdynia, including: hardware: PC software, 2 Displays with LED backlight, 2 Laptops standard software - a detailed description of the contract set out in Annex 1 hereto.