IMHCIrish Mental Health Coalition (Dublin, Ireland)
IMHCIntersectional Management in Health Care (Flensburg University of Applied Sciences; Germany)
IMHCInstitutional Models for Humanities Computing (journal)
IMHCIowa Miniature Horse Club (LeGrand, IA; est. 1986)
IMHCInternational Metalheads Club (heavy metal fan group)
IMHCIndianhead Miniature Horse Club (Dresser, WI)
IMHCIndiana Minority Health Coalition, Inc. (est. 1992; Indianapolis, IN)
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We believe the integration of the IMHC software into the mySAP.
Chair of IMHC John Saunders said more people are suffering from depression and other stressrelated issues as they struggle to cope with the recession.
The IMHC program is designed to help these companies better address the rapidly changing policies of the managed-care industry, while also serving their customers more effectively.
Using Microsoft Office as the core of the IMHC program, we were able to develop a powerful, yet versatile, solution that enables SmithKline Beecham to process contracts more quickly and accurately than was previously possible.
IMHC is an enterprisewide solution that provides the SmithKline Beecham sales force instant access to essential product, pricing, regulatory and rebate information in the field.