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IMHOIn My Humble Opinion
IMHOIn My Honest Opinion
IMHOIs My Hearing Aid on?
IMHOIs My Hair Ok?
IMHOInternet Media House (Russian media-buying agency)
IMHOIn My Holy Opinion
IMHOI Might Have Ostriches
IMHOIn My Hesitating Opinion
IMHOIn My Highest Opinion
IMHOInternational Medical Health Organisation
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But imho, there is still hope for good English and language skills.
"IMHO, these views must be challenged as often as possible--and Rachel Maddow has a platform most of us do not have."
It isn't too annoying IMHO. I would recommend signing up for a few of the topics for emails.
IMHO. (And if you don't know what that stands for you are, in my humble opinion, really showing your age.) Encouraging a wide-range of reading material and writing media is only too important for a generation that is too often characterised as brutish, ignorant and illiterate.
I know we have been down this road before, but it is, IMHO, worth talking about again.
The January launch of "Capitol Alert" was laced with Rodriguez quotes and he hadn't been out of his office more than a few days before the (outrageous, IMHO) fee was dropped.
It is not uncommon for IM traffic to feature cryptic abbreviations such as ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing), TTYL (talk to you later), or IMHO (in my humble opinion).
There are also multiple band acronyms, such as SoM for The Sisters of Mercy and ASF for Alien Sex Fiend, as well as the usual online suspects (ROFL, 'rolling on the floor laughing', and IMHO, 'in my humble opinion').
BREW stands for Business Rules Exchange Workgroup, and IMHO (in my humble opinion) it has been a long time coming.
IMHO, tho', some of the tracks ("Missing You," "Stay Now") could have stood some techno-ing up instead of stringing down.
In many cases, the information retrieved from a RSS retrieval won't even be read by a human before it's replaced by a new "refresh." To compare the two is, IMHO, meaningless.