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IMIDInternational Meeting on Information Display
IMIDImmunomodulatory Drug (Celgene)
IMIDImmune Mediated Inflammatory Disorders
IMIDInstitute of Management International Database
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The last 12 months have also been a time of significant feature additions for IMID Access, FST's core product.
In a statement, FST Biometrics Product Manager Ilan Krugliak stated that the upgrade demonstrates our conviction that advanced security systems should work for the user, and not the other way around, adding that besides improving the user experience the increased capabilities of IMID Access 3.
The upgrade s launch should assist to further increase the profile of both the IMID system and its maker, FST Biometrics, which previous this year raised millions in financing from a prominent investment firm, in addition to the backing of former Israeli PM Ehud Barak.
The IMID, now in its fourth year, allows people to view all the latest trends in the global display industry.
These high-level discussions included Shigeo Mikoshiba, SID's president, and Sang Wan Lee, chairman of the Korean Information Display Society (KIDS), which co-hosts IMID with SID this year.
This year's IMID event will take place in Dae Gu, Korea, August 23-27.
Major advances have occurred over the past few years, especially with the use of IMiDs and proteasome inhibitors.