IMIEInternational Mission for Iraqi Elections
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We obtain that the IMIE procedure yields too conservative tests, but holds the level for all tests when no trim is applied and g = [h.
Managing Director of event organiser IMIE Rob Mackenzie added, "We raised the bar in 2006 and created a stunning, live event experience for both visitor and exhibitor.
The IMIE Assessment Team hopes that it has met its mandate and thanks the people of Iraq for their trust and patience.
Comprised mainly of independent electoral management bodies, the IMIE is focusing on the election process in Iraq, as well as the registration and voting process outside Iraq.
The IMIE number is found under the battery pack of a phone and is normally a 14-digit number next to the bar code.
The report, which has been provided to the IECI and to the Iraqi government, will inform the IMIE Steering Committee's overall assessment of the December 15, 2005 Iraqi elections.
Zoltan Toth, fellow IMIE Steering Committee member and Secretary-General of the Association of Central and Eastern European Election Officials.
Farouq Al-Amad, General Coordinator, Arab Commission for Civil Society, League of Arab States, said that he "welcomed the continued involvement of the IMIE in the process in Iraq and for its ongoing assistance as Iraq heads toward the national election in December.
The IMIE preliminary reports stressed that the IECI has been under significant pressure to manage three electoral events within a period of one year.
The IMIE would also like to acknowledge the professionalism of the IECI in reacting to procedural issues as they arose during the day.
The IMIE views the upcoming December 15 elections for the Iraqi National Assembly as a crucial step forward in the democratic electoral process in Iraq and looks forward to the continuation of its advisory role to the IECI.