IMILI am Moving I am Learning (Head Start childhood obesity program)
IMILInternational Management Information Library
IMILIspat Metallics India Limited
IMILIndependent Mobile Infrastructure Private Limited (Guragaon, India)
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u Gives PSL additional production capacity of 20 lakh IMIL bottlesand 100,000 IMFL cases per month as the company continues to add market share in a regulated industry.
q PSLis the leading IMIL player in West Bengal - production capacity of 1.
u Based on directives of the Excise Department, an upward revision of prices in the IMIL segment will be undertaken w.
In IMIL our strategy has been to expand the presenceof recently acquired brandsto all districts of West Bengal thereby unleashing their true potential.
In IMIL method out of 22 patients, 17 patients had satisfactory results, 3 patients had Fair and 2 had poor results.
6% pin tract infection in IMIL procedure (Table 7, Graph 7) and 18.
Out of the two surgical methods, patients operated with IMIL nails had better function and less complications.
Table 1: Comparison of complications Complication DCP IMIL Delayed Union 11% 10% Non Union 11% Nil Superficial Infection Nil 5% Deep Infection 9% Nil Shoulder Stiffness Nil 20% Elbow stiffness Nil 5% Iatrogenic Radial Nerve Palsy 7% Nil Regimental Badge Anesthesia Nil 5% Al- A2- A3- B1- B2- Simple Simple Simple Spiral Bending spiral Oblique transverse wedge wedge fracture fractures fracture fracture fracture Series1 12 16 36 S 20 B3- C1- C2- C3- Fragmented Complex Complex Complex wedge segment segment irregular fractures fracture fracture fracture Series1 4 Fig.