IMISCOEInternational Migration, Integration and Social Cohesion in Europe
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Introduction This report on an IMISCOE Cluster B6 workshop held in Brussels in July 2008 is in four parts.
Noting this, members of IMISCOE B6 organised a conference in London in July 2007 on the theme of 'Legal Practice and Cultural Diversity', papers from which will appear in a collection to be published by Ashgate in 2009.
(c) To seek funds and a venue (i) for a planning meeting; and (ii) eventually for the major conference itself; To enquire whether any remaining IMISCOE funds might be made available for this purpose.
Taking note of these developments, a group based in IMISCOE organised a successful conference around the theme of 'Legal Practice and Cultural Diversity', in London in July 2007.
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Grillo and sponsored by IMISCOE (a EU-funded Network of Excellence, for International migration, Integration and Social Cohesion).
IMISCOE. Retrieved March 14th, 2008 http:// gender_age_and_generations.pdf