IMJIsrael Museum, Jerusalem (Jerusalem, Israel)
IMJIrish Medical Journal (est. 1867)
IMJImprovised Music from Japan (record label; Japan)
IMJInternational Medical Journal
IMJInteractive Multimedia Jukebox
IMJIrish Marketing Journal (Dublin, Ireland)
IMJIn My Judgement
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6 April 2016 - US-based professional services company Accenture (NYSE: ACN) is acquiring a majority stake in Japanese digital agency IMJ Corp.
I am pleased to have RMQ and IMJ authors still contributing to this magazine.
Blair, "Medical Societies Can Operate Their Own Special Clinics," IMJ 61 (May 1932): 412-13.
El recien nombrado director del IMJ fue secretario nacional de Accion Juvenil del PAN entre 1992 y 1995 y miembro fundador de la Comision de Juventud de la Camara de Diputados en 1994.
Recensement du Canada de 1871, listes nominatives de la cite de Trois-Rivieres, quartier Saint-Philippe, section <<a,>> 52; Annuaire de Montreal de 1876-77; IMJ, juillet et aout 1879, rapports de la section d'Albany.
We are very excited to have opportunities to work together with operators and providers, providing rich and exciting experiences to end users," Nariaki Hatta, BroadBand Department Alliance Division Manager, IMJ Corporation said.
For 10 years, I read every word of every issue of the IMJ.
somewhat inexperienced and I hurdles will improvement Exciting IMJ M OEKIN makes over fen novice He w come train smth la an be prospect IMJOEKING (12.
7% lo hace con sexoservidoras; en contraste, el 36% de las mujeres espera a casarse para tener su primera penetracion, explica el estudio del IMJ.
Instituto Mexicano de la Juventud (2001): 3 1 4 Encuesta Nacional de la Juventud 2000, jovenes mexicanos del siglo XXI, Mexico: SEP- IMJ.