IMJSInstitute for Medieval Japanese Studies (Columbia University; New York, NY)
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Founded in 1996, IMJ currently has approximately 600 employees and is one of Japans leading digital agencies.
Acquiring a majority stake in IMJ provides us with enhanced capabilities to deliver digital services in this dynamic market, said Atsushi Egawa, country managing director at Accenture Japan.
The Thermal Conductivity of Various (n, n)/(m, 0) Tubes with One IMJ. Figure 5 shows that there are sharp discontinuities in the temperature profiles along z axis at the local region of all the IMJs.
The Thermal Conductivity of (m,0)/(n,n)/(m,0) Tube with Two IMJs. The temperature profile along the straight (m, 0)/(n, n)/(m, 0) tube with two IMJs is shown in Figure 7.