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IMKInternet Marketing Klub (Hungary)
IMKInteraksi Manusia dan Komputer (Indonesian: Human and Computer Interaction)
IMKInstitut für Marketing und Kommunikation (German)
IMKInstitute of Management in Kerala (est. 1991; University of Kerala; India)
IMKInstituti I Monumenteve Të Kulturës (Albanian: Institute of Cultural Monuments)
IMKInstrumentation Model Kit (software)
IMKInstitute of Modern Knowledge (Belarus)
IMKI Must Know
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When I interviewed Sheikh Sadiq Abdul Aziz, the deputy IMK leader, in Halabja in February 2003, he said the young men of Ansar al-Islam were "living in an imaginary world" having "learned to act like Osama bin Laden from the Internet and television.
This is clear in the case of IMK before its dismemberment.
She was unstoppable and IMK could not live with her.
Calismaya dahil edilen hastalar icinde genel durumu bozuk olan ve yogun bakim unitesinde (YBU) yatan hastalar disinda kalan hastalara karotis IMK olcmek amaciyla Acuson marka karotis Doppler Dupplex USG cihazi kullanildi.
Ayrica ortalama IMK degerlerini etkileyen risk faktorlerinin incelenmesinde her grupta ayri ayri dogrusal regresyon analizi yapilmistir.
IMKs are gearing towards a transaction side Rowe says, because people will only use them if they offer additional services.
Contractor address : Pomme Consultancy te Stein, Motivity BV te Vlijmen en IMK Intermediair BV te Baarn
Sailab Mehsud, a Fata analyst, said that growing confrontation between the IMK and the Miramshah-based Shura could prepare ground for military action in North Waziristan.
Since 1993, according to a ruling of the Conference of the Ministry of the Interior, "the employment in the police service of candidates from immigrant families is the right path to controlling specific forms of crime particularly by young non-integrated members of the foreign population and to reach more normality in this population group" (office of the IMK 1993: 31).
IMK 2000: Russian Federation: Selected Issues, Chapter 2, Public Finances, 1 September, pp.
Seven of the European Offices are already based at ERCIM Institutes, including: CWI (Benelux); Fraunhofer IMK (Germany and Austria); FORTH (Greece); MTA SZTAKI (Hungary); CNR (Italy); SICS (Sweden) and CCLRC (UK and Ireland).