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IMKInternet Marketing Klub (Hungary)
IMKInteraksi Manusia dan Komputer (Indonesian: Human and Computer Interaction)
IMKInstitut für Marketing und Kommunikation (German)
IMKInstitute of Management in Kerala (est. 1991; University of Kerala; India)
IMKInstituti I Monumenteve Të Kulturës (Albanian: Institute of Cultural Monuments)
IMKInstrumentation Model Kit (software)
IMKInstitute of Modern Knowledge (Belarus)
IMKI Must Know
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Dunhaupt (2007) Finanzsystem und wirtschaftliche Entwicklung: neuere Tendenzen in den USA und in Deutschland1, IMK Studies, May, Duesseldorf, Macroeconomic Policy Institute (IMK) at Hans Boeckler Foundation.
When I interviewed Sheikh Sadiq Abdul Aziz, the deputy IMK leader, in Halabja in February 2003, he said the young men of Ansar al-Islam were "living in an imaginary world" having "learned to act like Osama bin Laden from the Internet and television.
This is clear in the case of IMK before its dismemberment.
MKN, Germany; Williams Refrigeration, UK; Falcon, UK; Victor, UK; Ice-O-Matic , USA; IMK , UK; BONGARD, Germany; Bravillor Bonamat, Netherland; P&L , UK; WOTEK, USA; Sofinor, France; and Santos, France
The women kept up TN's winning streak, dominating three sets 25-11, 26-24 and 25-21 against London Polonia IMK.
CARA DAVIS--Account Manager, IMK Seamless Pipe Sales
Sag ve sol ana karotis arterin 1 cm distalinden, 3 farkli noktadan olcum yapildi ve yalnizca arka (uzak) duvar IMK olcumleri yapildi.
Antes de regresar a Estados Unidos es obligatorio presentar pasaporte ante las autoridades norteamericanas, recordo a todos los vacacionistas el consul del IMK
Macroeconomic variables come from International Financial Statistics published by the IMK financial structure variables come from the Financial Structure Database of the World Bank (2004), and data on dollarization ratios come from the Web sites of the central banks of Ecuador and El Salvador.
Lymphocytes in lysed whole blood were immunophenotyped using a FACSort flow cytometer, Simulset software, and a Simultest IMK lymphocyte kit of monoclonal antibodies (Becton Dickinson Immunocytometry Systems, San Jose, California, USA).
Typically, these events include top officers of the World Bank, IMK Inter-American Development Bank, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), the U.