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IMLIn Mold Labeling
IMLIt's My Life
IMLInternational Microgravity Laboratory
IMLIllinois Municipal League
IMLIn My Life (Beatles song)
IMLIn-Mould Labeling
IMLInternational Mountain Leader (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations)
IMLInteractive Matrix Language
IMLInternational Mister Leather
IMLInformation Markup Language (superset of Wireless Markup Language)
IMLInstrument Markup Language
IMLInstitut Monetaire Luxembourgeois
IMLInitial Machine Load
IMLImage Markup Language
IMLInitial Microprogram Load
IMLInner Mold Line
IMLImperial, Nebraska (airport code)
IMLInternet Mailing List
IMLIntegrated Medical Learning (Congress of Neurological Surgeons)
IMLImpedance Matrix Localization Method
IMLIntercontinental Music Lab
IMLIntel Microprocessors Laboratory
IMLInternational Medical Libraries Ring
IMLIntermediate Maintenance Level
IMLInitial Microcode Loader
IMLIndustrial Might and Logic (fictional company in Night Shift, an old LucasFilm PC game)
IMLInstituti I Mjekësisë Ligjore (Lawful Medicine Institute, Kosova)
IMLInter-Mountain League
IMLItem Master Log (document)
IMLIsuzu Motors Limited (Japan)
IMLInstituto Médico Legal (Portuguese: Institute of Forensic Medicine; Brazil)
IMLIntermediate Messaging Layer (Bombay Stock Exchange; India)
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IML is a wholly owned subsidiary of Computershare Limited (ASX:CPU).
Because the morphology differentiation over the part thickness of an injection-molded part has a tremendous influence on its mechanical behavior, it is necessary to examine the structure of the IML part closely.
com Simon Bryan Operations Manager, IML North America Tel.
We decided to invest in thermoforming IML in order to leapfrog injection molding IML, thereby creating the only North American manufacturer of thermoformed IML packaging.
IML Labels has grown rapidly since its formation and today it employs more than 50 people.
as well as increasing demands with respect to a high-quality decoration technology, and not least measures to fulfill nutritional information, will cause IML technology to be applied more and more in thermoforming.
While brand owners in Europe have realized the value of IML for more than a decade, the technology has been slower to catch on in North America.
IML combines high-quality reproduction of colours and images with the ability to extend the decoration area wherever it is required on the pack.
The event offers a look inside successful IML and IMD projects that produced winners in the annual IMDA Awards competition.
The money will used for smelter engineering design and consulting costs for its arm, International Manganese Limited (IML), and to meet transaction costs for the planned listing of IML on the Singapore Stock Exchange.
IML stands out thanks to its ability to provide better durability, reduce waste and costs, as well as provide a noticeable improvement in the packaging's quality.
IML also offers better capability to support high-quality graphics and makes possible an all-PP package solution.