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IMLIn Mold Labeling
IMLIt's My Life
IMLInternational Microgravity Laboratory
IMLIllinois Municipal League
IMLIn My Life (Beatles song)
IMLIn-Mould Labeling
IMLInternational Mountain Leader (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations)
IMLInteractive Matrix Language
IMLInternational Mister Leather
IMLInformation Markup Language (superset of Wireless Markup Language)
IMLInstrument Markup Language
IMLInstitut Monetaire Luxembourgeois
IMLInitial Machine Load
IMLImage Markup Language
IMLInitial Microprogram Load
IMLInner Mold Line
IMLImperial, Nebraska (airport code)
IMLInternet Mailing List
IMLIntegrated Medical Learning (Congress of Neurological Surgeons)
IMLImpedance Matrix Localization Method
IMLIntercontinental Music Lab
IMLIntel Microprocessors Laboratory
IMLInternational Medical Libraries Ring
IMLIntermediate Maintenance Level
IMLInitial Microcode Loader
IMLIndustrial Might and Logic (fictional company in Night Shift, an old LucasFilm PC game)
IMLInstituti I Mjekësisë Ligjore (Lawful Medicine Institute, Kosova)
IMLInter-Mountain League
IMLItem Master Log (document)
IMLIsuzu Motors Limited (Japan)
IMLInstituto Médico Legal (Portuguese: Institute of Forensic Medicine; Brazil)
IMLIntermediate Messaging Layer (Bombay Stock Exchange; India)
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A number of new IML-centered consortiums and alliances formed at the close of 2004 has also begun to effectively address IML issues.
IML 144 and IML 560 are priced at $266 and $305 respectively in 100+ unit quantities.
Launched in 2017 in 14 different flavours, the new recyclable IML packaging is being well received by consumers, according to Chris Cuadrado, Managing Partner at Sno-Balls.
The report cites other drivers for this growth, such as rising demand for eco-friendly and high-performing labels, and increasing technological advancements that are making IML manufacturing processes more efficient.
IML is a specialized TFT-LCD (thin film transistor-liquid crystal display) IC (integrated circuit) design house, whose major products are mainly used in medium- and large-sized flat panels for LCD TVs.
Critics argue taxpayers are, in effect, covering the costs to send exhibitors, as well as local officials, to the conference run by the IML, which is also partly taxpayer-supported through dues paid by member communities.
Contract notice:Supply of defibrillators for IML sp.
Verstrate IML has credited its "excellent collaboration" with industry partners for its recent success at an awards ceremony.
While a glue-applied or PS label is stuck on the surface of an object, the IML label is "imbedded in the wall of the object.
Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development Commissioner Randy Boyd along with Verstraete IML USA officials announced today the company will locate a new facility in Clarksville.