IMLCInfantry Mortar Leader Course (US Army)
IMLCInternational Muslim Leaders Consultation
IMLCInternational Money Laundering Conference
IMLCIncomplete Mitral Leaflet Closure (echocardiography)
IMLCIntermediate Management and Leadership Course (Royal Air Force)
IMLCInstitute of Modern Languages and Communication (Multimedia University; Malaysia)
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IMLC requires physicians to register in their "home state" at a significant cost ($700) mandated by each individual state and as a prerequisite to apply for IMLC licenses in other member states.
The IMLC imposes additional physician costs, obligations, and legislative and regulatory hurdles.
FCVS has been specifically incorporated in the IMLC rules as an official required "primary source verification" entity, another way to increase its revenue.
The IMLC has reportedly been founded as an independent, quasi-governmental organization, although no documentation has been provided by the IMLC Secretary to date in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
For more information on the IMLC, visit https://www.
Brian Butler, a CMA and manager of investigations with the Enforcement Branch of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC), and also an IMLC workshop moderator, sees a dual problem in money laundering that can only be fought effectively through international co-operation.
The bottom line for the IMLC is to drive forward a mandate of increased discussion and international co-operation, says Harvey, who has been involved with the issue of money laundering for 15 years.
Of significant concern are FSMB's UA and FCVS, for which FSMB strongly lobbies in all states and which will be mandated under IMLC, as ABMS certification already is.
SMB nonphysician executive directors are now awarded "commissioner status" on the new IMLC for their efforts.
The many reasons for states' declining to join the FSMB IMLC are explained in analyses from Ohio (12) and Missouri.
AMA endorsed IMLC at the federal level, and this facilitated advancement at state levels, leading to missed opportunities for state discussion and opposition.
The IMLC does nothing to address causes of job dissatisfaction found in a 2012 nationwide survey of more than 13,500 doctors.