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IMLC legislation was produced and pushed in all 50 states by FSMB as a means to develop a market and increase FSMB legislative control of physicians in all states.
IMLC is an organization of state boards under Section 115 of the Internal Revenue Code, and to date has no physical headquarters or office.
IMLC requires physicians to register in their "home state" at a significant cost ($700) mandated by each individual state and as a prerequisite to apply for IMLC licenses in other member states.
As IMLC instructors, we believe that keeping our mortar leaders up-to-date on the technical challenges of hardware and software advancements is only part of their professional development.
For more information on the IMLC, visit or call (706) 545-9730.
The IMLC's mandate is to give stakeholders, from legal experts and law enforcement officials to members of the financial community, a chance to share experiences, interact and build a positive consensus for dealing with the issue of money laundering in future.
Three years ago, the IMLC focused on new technologies and their impact on money laundering to promote partnerships and international co-operation.
"I'm not sure that we can look forward to the day when we can comfortably say that criminals won't be able to find a loophole or find a way into the financial system," says Harvey, moderator of an IMLC session called "Financial Paradises, Private Investigations and International Co-operation."
FSMB has yet to provide any information concerning the cost of IMLC, but it has already received more than $700,000 in Department of Health and Human Services grant #H1NRH17207 to get IMLC online.
It may actually be detrimental to turn over expedited licensing to the IMLC because it hampers attempts to improve state boards' performance in all licensing.
FSMB states that the IMLC serves three needs: (1) to lessen existing physician shortages; (2) to meet the expected influx of millions of new patients as a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA); and (3) to increase access to medical care in underserved areas via telemedicine.
The FSMB plays its hand for all to see when it boldly states that the IMLC meets three needs related to access to care.