IMLTInstitute for Management and Leadership Training (Windhoek, Namibia)
IMLTInstitute of Medical Laboratory Technology (formerly Institute of Biomedical Science)
IMLTImpact Measurement and Learning Team (CARE)
IMLTIntegrated Medical Logistics Team
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IMLT staff have brought more than 300 prosecutions since the agency started in 2004.
In another success early this year the IMLT team snared Winston Mills, 41.
But despite their high-profile successes, Mr Quigley says IMLT will never know how many criminals earn their money this way.
In one appalling case, IMLT found that a man who borrowed PS250 from a loan shark ended up paying back PS90,000 over 19 years.
The following Saturday I called the IMLT and he was arrested and cautioned.
More than 19,000 victims have been helped by the IMLT since it was set up eight years ago.
IMLT provides hands-on experience in establishing and running a business, through its business simulation and STEPS training programmes.
As part of ongoing efforts to enhance business growth and impart skills to entrepreneurs, the Development Bank of Namibia (DBN) recently awarded certificates to 12 entrepreneurs after they participated in a two week IMLT Steps programme.
Mr Sayer, chairman of governance for the IMLT, said the team was aware of 86 loan sharks operating across the North-east, and 27 have already been arrested.