IMLUIndependent Medico Legal Unit
IMLUIllegal Money Lending Unit (UK)
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One of the findings of the IMLU report was that 50% of the deaths were among people 12-40 years old.
IMLU, "Forensic Investigations into Post Election Violence Related Deaths,", pp.
Ruth Nzembi, the contact person at IMLU, and the retreat organisers confirmed that all partners - including civil society, US, UK, Norway, Australia, Sweden, Britain and Netherlands - would attend.
We haven't seen a turnaround in the attitudes, behaviour and practice," IMLU executive director Peter Kiama told the Star.
Now IMLU officers say they're seeing a new type of victim.
One recent case dealt with by IMLU involved a respectable middle-class mum who found herself being blackmailed after failing to make repayments on a loan she'd taken out after running up pounds 40,000 of debt on her credit cards.