IMMATInstituto Municipal Malvinas Argentinas Telecomunicaciones (Spanish: Malvinas Argentina Municipal Telecommunications Institute; Malvinas, Argentina)
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According to the agencies, the notification requirement for immat erial non-compliance with the GAS is an inefficient use of resources and may cause unnecessary delay.
This is a scene of prolonged immat urity, yet ontological and epistemological questions held in a private language are encouraged to be made public.
The full title of the book in my manuscript reads as follows: hadha [l-kitab.sup.[contains]] al-mawsum, bil-[Muntaza.sup.[subset]] fi'l-akhbiir wa'l-mukiztasar fi'l-athar ft dhikr al-[a.sup.[contains]] immat al-athar wa sirat al-[du.sup.[subset]]at al-abrar.