IMMIIntegrated Media Measurement, Inc. (San Mateo, CA)
IMMIInstitute of Medical Microbiology and Immunology (Denmark)
IMMIIndex of Medieval Medical Images in North America
IMMIIn Mitra Medusa Inri (band; est. 1992; Germany)
IMMIIntegrated Man-Machine Interface
IMMIIntegrated Maintenance Management Information
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REV Group (NYSE:REVG) on Tuesday reported that it has extended its partnership with IMMI based in Indianapolis, USA, to offer their new Per4Max four-point seat belts exclusively in REV Ambulance brands.
It's a chance to hear some terrific young music talent and give Immi, Jack and Rosie a helping hand towards their Venezuela goal.
The IMMI Technology is currently being used in conjunction with the EXO-SCOPE Project, which will combine this advanced astronomical imaging platform with either large telescopes, or through a series of interlinked smaller telescopes, to effectively create the largest telescope system in the world.
The origins of the IMMI can be traced back to January 2008, when a group of Icelandic campaigners who had been working on behalf of digital freedoms and the protection of the openness and neutrality of the Internet founded the Icelandic Digital Freedoms Society (abbreviation in Icelandic: FSFI).
The performed research is targeted at performing the simulation of noise spread applying CadnaA and IMMI programs and proposing the analysis of statistical reliability.
Pramoninio triuksmo zemelapis sudarytas programa IMMI ir modeliavimo duomenu patikimumas ivertintas atlikus triuksmo matavimus garso analizatoriumi MS6700.
For 90 minutes or more your eyes are fixed on one thing;' says immi, "you are chasing one thing, fighting for one thing: the ball.
Another feature of this harness is its buffered tether that has built-in sews that release during a fall to help reduce "free fall shock?' Contact: IMMI Outdoor Division, 18881 U.S.
IMMI (formerly as known as Indiana Mills & Mfg), located in Westfield, IN, has more than 35 years of experience in developing, testing, and manufacturing occupant restraints for commercial vehicles, child and infant seats and off-road machinery, and is one of the world's first seat belt manufacturers.
LAHORE -- The website of Punjab Public Relations Department has been shut down for maintenance after being hacked by a group calling itself Indian Cyber Experts (IMMI Group), local media reported on Sunday.
This sale agreement was executed between the company's wholly-owned subsidiary, Silver Reserve Corp (SRC), and the buyer International Millennium Mining Inc (IMMI), a wholly-owned subsidiary of International Millennium Mining Corp.