IMMIEImage Makers Merit of Industry Excellence (professional award)
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Spending hours baking every Sunday, so far Immie has conquered feats including making meringues, biscuits, bread and even homemade pasta - with no help except for putting food into and taking it out of the oven.
'Did you know each snowflake is different?' Immie says as she puts on her coat, hat, gloves and scarf.
Immie and Tina were once close, but Immie's now stuck in an unhappy arranged marriage.
Inevitably, as events spiral both amusingly and tragically out of hand, Immie and Tina find themselves thrown back together.
Brian rescues her and Immie moves in with Cherry and Jimmi, but stubborn Rob still refuses to talk to his daughter.
And Immie is blackmailed into a date by a security guard who catches her shoplifting.
Karen is upset when Immie turns her parents'' marriage into an art project, while Sonny Flood, aka Hollyoaks'' Josh Ashworth, guest stars as a lad who is selling his grandfather''s painkillers.
home & away JACK'S really not himself, hitting Immie, flirting with Zara and then getting aggressive when she turns him down.
Plus, Immie and Jack struggle when they see an old friend in Housman Ward, badly burned after serving in Afghanistan.
doctors HESTON has got Immie feeling all cultural and she desperately wants to go on holiday with him to Tuscany.
Karen starts work as a Health Care Assistant, while Heston shows Immie round an art gallery (actually Birmingham's Barber Institute).
Heston teaches Cherry etiquette and deportment, while Immie impresses everyone with her sewing and design skills and Karen gets an intriguing job offer.