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IMNAIndependent Mon News Agency (Bangkok, Thailand)
IMNAIn Mute Nostril Agony (band; Germany)
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"The two complement each other: IMNA provides an introductory and systematic platform and the industry provides practical and specific management skills."
To seek ways to mitigate this conflict, this project aims to determine the factors that predispose cougar predation and other carnivores on livestock in communities IMNA El Palmar, and the factors that predict the attitudes and behaviors of people towards the puma, to devise strategies to mitigate this problem.
With which aims to contribute to the development of IMNA El Palmar, respecting rules and regulations of protected areas for the conservation and sustainable use in the development and transformation of the fruits of the palm Janchicoco for value added product by implementing a central collection and processing of coconut cookies.
Project Description: In which aims to improve nutrition and income of women, through the production of honey native stingless bee, under the use and conservation of natural resources in a community of PN IMNA Serrania del IEao ".
In which aims to strengthen the craft of women and men Ayoreo indigenous communities settled in the area of influence of ecosystemic connectivity KAA IYA (IMNA 3 - CHIQUITOS) TCO Theresa.
Project Description: The PN- IMNA AguaragE-e , is an important regulator of the water regime of the Chaco and the main supplier of water to the cities of Yacuiba , Villamontes and CaraparE[degrees] and other communities located in the area of external damping .
Project Description: In IMNA major changes and trends in livestock production from deforestation is noted for expanding the agricultural frontier and excessive stocking high pressure causing the mountain , including the headwaters of the middle hills , the proof in communities in the project area the amount of the number of heads of cattle since 2001 , year of the baseline NP- IMNA INAO has increased by 260% from 2010-5228 heads until 2009 , and currently small farmers have an average of 20 head , with a high mortality due to lack of management and low zootechnical indices.