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Except the previously reported variant rs2187668, the SNPs rs28383345, rs36173887, and rs1794275 were also significantly associated with IMN [Table 1].
The diagnosis of IMN was confirmed by renal biopsy.
Two variants associated with IgAN were also included for our analysis to verify whether there existed a common pathway shared by IMN and IgAN.
The quantification of anti-PLA2R antibodies in sera of IMN patients was performed by anti-PLA2R ELISA (IgG) kit (Euroimmun, Luebeck, Germany) according to the manufacturer's instructions.
However, firstly, IMNs cannot occur as preverbal subjects, while OMNs can.
Secondly, IMNs cannot occur between a subject and a verb, unlike regular shifted objects, whereas OMNs can:
The following contrast shows that while IMNs can, OMNs cannot occur to the right of such verbs.
Summarizing, we have shown two contrasts between IMNs and OMNs: the former are ambiguous in specificity, whereas the latter are exclusively specific; the former cannot occur as preverbal subjects or shifted objects, whereas the latter do not have this constraint.
Considered the "Father of IMN," Kuntscher published his early results and noted specific recommendations based on his findings.
Implementation of the concept of "benign neglect" (i.e., of intentionally delaying definitive IMN placement until after a period of rest and recovery from the injury) began to garner skepticism around the world.
published a level 1 randomized trial definingf ETC as definitive IMN within 24 hours after initial injury.
implemented these criteria and noted significantly improved survivorship and outcomes among patients whose femoral shaft fractures were temporized with external fixation in order to avoid the "second hit" associated with early IMN. (19) The investigators determined that DCO was safe and effective up until 2 weeks; temporary external fixation beyond 2 weeks was associated with increased rates of infection from exposed pin sites.