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IMOIn My Opinion
IMOIn Memory Of
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation (UN)
IMOInternational Mathematical Olympiad
IMOIm Moment (German: In This Moment)
IMOInternational Meteor Organization
IMOI'm Moving On
IMOIn Mijn Ogen (Dutch: in My Eyes)
IMOInternet Mail Only
IMOIrish Medical Organisation
IMOInternational Money Order
IMOIndependent Electricity Market Operator
IMOIndependent Marketing Organization (insurance)
IMOIndependent Market Operator
IMOInformation Management Officer
IMOIntelink Management Office (US DoD)
IMOIntergovernmental Maritime Organization (obsolete)
IMOInteractive Mathematics Online
IMOImmune Modulatory Oligonucleotides
iMOInstant Money-Order
IMOInstitut für Mathematische Optimierung (Universität Magdeburg, Germany)
IMOInsaat Mühendisleri Odasi (Turkish: Chambers of Civil Engineering)
IMOIdaho Mounted Orienteering (club)
IMOInternational Market Opportunities
IMOIntramural Order
IMOIncident Management Officer
IMOIntermediate Math Open
IMOInstallation Maintenance Officer
IMOIntegrated Molecular Orbital
IMOInstallation Management Office
IMOInstallation Mobility Officer
IMOIntensive Management Office
IMOImaobong Missionary Outreach
IMOInformation Media Outlet
IMOIntermediate Military Objective (US DoD)
IMOIcelandic Meteorological Office
IMOInsurance Marketing Organization (various companies)
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Should compliance problems arise, the IMO can demonstrate that it had directed the producer to avoid improper sales practices as part of their contract and that the producer had acknowledged the IMO's compliance policies and procedures.
At this phase, the prevailing market operator noted that "the IMO will be incorporated as a non-profit entity which is independent of the government and industry participants," while PEMC "shall remain as the governing body of the spot market with board of directors composed of participant-representatives and independent members.
Shaikh Daij also highlighted some of Bahrain's accomplishments in improving its maritime practices in line with IMO practices.
This means they allow agents to transfer to another IMO at any time for any reason.
The present studies evaluated Hybridon's IMO compounds having a novel DNA structure, referred to as ImmunomerTM, and containing CpR or R'pG immunostimulatory motifs where R and R' are synthetic nucleotide analogues.
IMO operates more than 800 automatic conveyor carwashes in 12 European countries.
element-invisibleBusiness ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1The circular shall promulgate and adopt the IMO transition plan which sets out the formation and structure of the IMO, the resulting WESM governance structure, and the manner by which transition to the IMO shall be accomplished.
As set forth, the IMO will take the core of "market operation functions" as pulled apart from the current PEMC structure; while the latter will be re-shaped as the governance body overseeing the market.
Turkeys re-election in the previous elections has strengthened its strong position in the Council, the executive organ of the IMO, which is the specialized agency of the UN responsible for the maritime safety and security and the protection of the marine environment.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan High Commissioner to UK, Syed Ibne Abbas paid a courtesy call on newly appointed Secretary General of International Maritime Organization (IMO), Mr Kitack Lim at the IMO Headquarters in London.
The 26th Assembly of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) is taking place in London, at the IMO Headquarters, from 23 November to 4 December where there will be a voting process to elect the new members of the 40-member Council.
I am an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience selling life and annuity products both from a licensed producer and wholesaler IMO standpoint.