IMOCInternational Microwave and Optoelectronics Conference (IEEE)
IMOCItalian Motorcycle Owners Club
IMOCInternational MR2 (Midship Runabout 2-Seater) Owners Club (Toyota)
IMOCIntegrated Mission Operations Complex (NASA)
IMOCInternational Mathematical Olympiad Committee (Mathematical Competitions Committee)
IMOCIron Maiden Official Club (Mexico)
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Se ha evidenciado que la musculatura estomatognatica tiene un marcado efecto sobre el desarrollo y estabilidad de la oclusion ya que cualquier modificacion del equilibrio dinamico en el que se encuentra la denticion en personas con IMOC, puede provocar no solo el cambio de posicion u orientacion de las piezas dentales sino tambien el desarrollo esqueletico maxilar-mandibular, dificultando asi las funciones basicas como son la deglucion, la masticacion, la fonacion y la interaccion social.
En la literatura se encuentra reportada la tendencia los pacientes con IMOC a presentar maloclusion clase II, mordidas abiertas, asi como tambien un overjet aumentado (4).
IBM Program performance highlights include drafting and approval of the IMOC (Interministerial Maritime Operations Center) Agreement in order to meet EU border demilitarization objectives, implementation of specific provisions of the Police/Custom Joint Activities Agreement (that includes joint controls of vehicles at the border and information sharing), certification of 32 Border Police trainers, delivery of the first Basic Border Police Training Program (4 month course for 20 participants) at the State Police Center for Police Development, establishment of functioning risk analysis capabilities, and initial implementation of joint cross border police agreements and supporting protocols.
Hong, "Photonic Bandgap Structure in Thin Film Waveguides," SBMO/IEEE MTT-S IMOC '99 Proceedings, pp.
In Croatia, a young man that had just graduated from IMOC, Lieutenant IMOC Radovnikovic (IMOC Class 1-2001), was our liaison officer.
His transfer to their maritime service and, shortly thereafter, his selection to attend IMOC accelerated the healing process immensely.
Implementing agency : Ministry of Defence, IMOC, Disposal Services Authority (DSA)
The official working language of IMOC 2003 is English.
IMOC 2003 is organized by the Brazilian Microwave and Optoelectronics Society (SBMO), in association with IEEE MTT-S.
The IMOC includes provisions for the Port Harbour Master function, dredging management, port security, marine pilot briefing facilities and an improved incident control capability.
Implementing agency : Ministry of Defence, IMOC, Defence Supply Chain Operations & Movements (DSCOM)