IMOMIf My Opinion Matters
IMOMIn Memory of Magic (companion animal charity)
IMOMImproved Many-On-Many
IMOMInternet Manufactured Outrage Machine
IMOMIn My Own Mind
IMOMInternation Man of Mystery (Austin Powers movie)
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Following the retreat, in February 2009, Knudson and her colleague Bill O'Leary, regional outreach and PACS administrator at the 290-bed Kalispell Regional Medical Center, convened a statewide radiology manager/PACS administrator roundtable meeting to refine the plan of attack and develop the guiding principles for IMOM. To try to stay free of politics so the project could move forward more stealthily, Knudson and O'Leary took a backdoor approach and invited PACS administrators rather than CEOs and CFOs.
According to Great Falls Clinic IT manager Eric Maki, who was brought into IMOM to offer IT guidance, early talks went in many directions that included building out an interoperable electronic medical record.
Included was a new EW mission planning system, the Integrated Many Radars On Many Targets (IMOM) model.
Now fully operational at the NPS, the IMOM is being absorbed into the EW and radar curriculum.
Imphal, July 30 ( ANI ): Residents of Manipur capital Imphal staged a protest against rising incidents of extortion in the region, the latest being a grenade attack at Pari Imom Sindam Sang School, located at Langjing and firing at a doctor's car, both of whom refused to accede to the extortion demands.
Earlier this month, insurgents threw a grenade outside the Pari Imom Sindam Sang School, forcing the school to close for a day.
The Improved Many-on-Many Model (IMOM) also proved useful in the desert; it aided planners of both fighter and bomber missions in the preparation of air tasking orders.
The IMOM has been in the Air Force inventory since at least the mid-1980s; it first proved its value during the Eldorado Canyon raid on Libya in 1986.
Using Sentinel Byte, which includes the Improved Many-onMany (IMOM) system, graphic depictions of threat detection capability and enemy order-of-battie can be produced for planning purposes.
Perhaps the most high-profile system was the Improved Many-on-Many (IMOM) model, used to plan fighter and bomber attack routes for the thousands of sorties flown daily over Iraq and Kuwait.
Also used in Desert Storm were computer-generated, electronic combat simulation programs the Tactical Sensor Planner, the Improved Many-On-Many (IMOM) and the Sentinel Byte (a more sophisticated version of IMOM), developed by the Air Force EW Center (AFEWC).
GE's Reliability and Integrity Management Solution for Saudi Aramco's Jazan Complex: GE Oil & Gas Digital is introducing its first Asset Performance Management (APM) solution to reside on Saudi Aramco's business network for the Aramco Jazan Complex Integrated Manufacturing Operations Management System (IMOMS).