IMOMIn Memory of Magic (companion animal charity)
IMOMImproved Many-On-Many
IMOMInternation Man of Mystery (Austin Powers movie)
IMOMIf My Opinion Matters
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So with a lean goal in sight of solely exchanging images, and with their guiding principles in focus, the next issue facing the leaders of IMOM was funding.
Instead of having to cancel and make the six-hour roundtrip again, IMOM saved the day.
A sample of recent EW research topics includes such varied subjects as countermeasure techniques for the Hawk and Patriot missile systems, investigations of Stealth technology, development of ECM/ECCM against laser weapons and integration of an EA-6B jamming algorithm into the IMOM mission planning system.
While the IMOM greatly facilitated mission planning during the Gulf War, operators found themselves at their stations round the clock as they churned out air tasking orders.
In fact, it was designed to integrate IMOM functions with those of other planning aids, eliminating redundancy and promoting commonality.
Depending upon their goals, IMOM operators can then experiment with different countermeasures to increase the enemy's vulnerability.
The IMOM systems were augmented by the deployment of Sentinel Byte and Tactical Sensor Planner (TSP) systems.
EMC technology and solutions for cloud-based storage infrastructure is a proven technology that is utilized within my facility's PACS and enterprise hospital information system," said Bill O'Leary, an IMOM co-founder and Regional Outreach/PACS Administrator at Kalispell Regional Medical Center.
IMOM is a grassroots organization composed of 30 Montana healthcare facilities.
Security was a major concern for IMOM, as it is for all medical facilities.
The test proved that with eMix, we can provide a better continuum of care for rural patients that receive part of their care at large hospitals in another area," said Gayle Knudson, Radiology Manager at Great Falls Clinic and an IMOM co-founder.
Our focus is on improving patient care through the exchange of radiology data between healthcare facilities and across electronic systems," said Gayle Knudson, Radiology Manager at Great Falls Clinic and an IMOM co-founder.