IMOSIntegrated Marine Observing System (Australia)
IMOSIntended Military Occupational Specialty
IMOSInternet Mission Office System (software)
IMOSIraqi Marshlands Observation System (UN Environment Programme)
IMOSIntegrated Modeling of Optical Systems
IMOSIsrael Ministry of Science
IMOSIntegrated Micro Optical Systems (digital optics)
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Professor Meyers, internationally respected for his broad background in ocean monitoring research, is excited about the progress of IMOS and the tremendous benefits and opportunities is it bringing.
Professor Meyers is particularly inspired by the ability of IMOS data to now be flowed into other programs for 'cross research' efforts.
Simon Allen from CSIRO Marine and Atmospheric Research is Technical Director at IMOS in Hobart, overseeing deployment operations as well as the eMarine Information Infrastructure (eMil).
The funding behind IMOS provides great support to ocean monitoring--it communalises the technical and delivery work, which is normally conducted by individual efforts that have a lot at stake financially.
IMOS does not fulfil this requirement entirely, but it is a significant step in the right direction?
Putting the data collected through IMOS into the scientific commons allows the entire scientific community access, meaning local process studies can be more conclusive and, for international scientists, it makes working on Australian questions highly attractive; Mr Allen says.
There are five Science Nodes, responsible for identifying the scientific objectives, assessing progress and promoting use of IMOS data.
NSW IMOS New South Wales IMOS--focusing on the East Australia Current, and its impact on shelf ecosystems.