IMOUInternational Memorandum of Understanding
IMOUInterim Memorandum of Understanding
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/ Kuma ape a hii kwagh yo / Zege igbyam Ayua Yeke / Va due ve MbaYegh / Kwase wamyo imou, /1mou isugh Ayua Yeke.
Luxurious and sophisticated, ruled by the criminals and gangsters of the underground Shanghai of the first half of the 20th century opens in the film of Zhang Imou "Row, Row the Grandmother's Bridge" (better known as "Shanghai Triad" (in Chinese yao a yao, yao dao waipo qiao, 1995)), in the film of James Ivory "White Countess", and Ang Lee's film "Lust, Caution" (2006).
7.1 MOUs and International Agreements of Cooperation/Investigation of Grants One important "next step" that we have been working on is the drafting of an IMOU Addendum between SSU and CSUL to create a set of standards and protocols for future digitization projects.