IMOWInternational Museum of Women (San Francisco, California)
IMOWInternational Mower of Weeds
IMOWIn My Own World
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Whether the focus is tickets, memberships or exhibits, IMOW wants people to know not only what is happening, but also exactly how to get there.
All royalties from sales of the book Celebrating Women will benefit IMOW.
Founded in 1985, IMOW produces exhibits, educational programs and community events that engage people of all ages -- provoking them to question the status quo through an examination of individual identity, cultural structures and social order.
The collaborative energy and creativity that Allison and Marsha have demonstrated in our initial meetings is very exciting," said IMOW board chair and founding president Elizabeth Colton.
While IMOW is moving aggressively to raise the $120 million to build the facility, LMSA + Ai will begin their efforts by performing due diligence studies to determine the physical state of the pier.
The proposed IMOW facility will include extensive permanent and temporary exhibition spaces; education, teen and media centers; an auditorium, a restaurant and public space.
IMOW is changing all that by creating the first museum exclusively dedicated to chronicling and honoring the lives of women worldwide," said IMOW Board Chair and Founding President Elizabeth Colton.
IMOW is dedicated to bringing a women's voice to world history, establishing a place to explore contemporary gender issues, and through education, serve as a catalyst for continued social, cultural, economic and political change.
The opportunity to work for an institution whose mission is to be a catalyst for change for women worldwide is truly inspiring, " said Chris Yelton, Executive Director of IMOW.
Recently IMOW held its Bay Area debut exhibition "Women of the World: A Global Collection of Art" which opened on International Women's Day, March 8, 2003 and generated widespread enthusiasm before it closed on April 13, 2003.