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IMPAInstituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada (Brazil)
IMPAInternational Maritime Pilots' Association
IMPAIndiana Municipal Power Agency
IMPAInternational Motor Press Association
IMPAInternational Marine Purchasing Association
IMPAIntelligent Multi-Port Adapter
IMPAInternet Mission Photography Archive
IMPAInternet Media Protective Association (Lake Elsinore, CA)
IMPAIowa Motion Picture Association
IMPAInternational Music Publishers' Association
IMPAIndividual Market Participant Analysis
IMPAInternational Myopia Prevention Association (Ligonier, Pennsylvania)
IMPAIsopropyl Methyl Phosphonic Acid
IMPAInstitut de Morphopsychologie Appliquée
IMPAIndependent Medical Practitioners Association
IMPAImmune Mediated Polyarthritis
IMPAIndian Motion Pictures Association
IMPAIdaho Milk Processors Association
IMPAInternational Music Products Association
IMPAIllinois Milk Producers' Association (Bloomington, IL)
IMPAIndo-Malay Philippines Archipelago
IMPAInternational Master Printers Association
IMPAInternational Mission Photography Archive (University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA)
IMPAIowa Meat Processors Association
IMPAImperial Parrot (Amazona imperialis)
IMPAIndependent Market Participant Analysis
IMPALower Incisor to Mandibular Plane
IMPAInternet Media Publishing Associates
IMPAInternet Media Publishers Association
IMPAIMPulse Array
IMPAInternational Motion Picture Almanac
IMPAIndependent Music Producers Association
IMPAIsopropylmethyl Phosphonic Acid
IMPAIndustry Mentor-Protege Association
IMPAInternal Medicine for Physicians Assistant
IMPAInternational Marketing Promotion Alliance
IMPAInternal Medicine & Pediatric Associates
IMPAInternational Milk Producers Association (Arlington, VA)
IMPAIterative Message Passing Algorithm
IMPAIndependent Meeting Planner
IMPAIon Microprobe Analysis
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Although Fitch believes that rate regulation can limit financial flexibility, provisions of the IMPA Act, the use of energy cost adjustment (ECA) factors and the ability of members to opt out of rate regulation largely mitigate this risk.
IMPA: El IMPA (Angulo del incisivo central Inferior contra plano mandibular) se usa para evaluar el resultado del tratamiento de acuerdo a la angulacion dental anteroinferior ideal.
In 2008, the IMPA reported approximately 100 arrests and 10 prosecutions relating to ML and/or TF.
Second, the pictures in the Basel collection will be available through IMPA, using the search procedures and vocabularies developed for the collections that are already in the IMPA repository.
Brenda Doner is co-ordinator of IMPA CS' Charities and Advocacy Project.
The company used Web-based software called IMPA, an Internet--based version of plastics simulation software from Moldflow of Wayland, Mass.
5%, en 12 hubo diferencia de 1[degrees] (angulo del eje facial, angulo del incisivo superior, angulo del incisivo inferior, plano oclusal a Frankfurt, labio inferior a plano estetico, angulo interincisal, profundidad facial, profundidad maxilar, SNA, IMPA, Eje Y, A1 al plano S-N) correspondientes a 46.
En dicha fase se evaluan variables agronomicas y de calidad industrial de forma periodica, con base en la metodologia del IMPA (1953).
The dental cephalometric parameters showed that IMPA reduced by 9o following retraction from a pre-treatment mean value of 106o to a mean value of 97o, while the inter-incisal angle increased by 13o from 124o to 137o.
In 2002, Israel enacted several new amendments to the PMLL that resulted in the addition of the money services businesses (MSB) to the list of entities required to file cash transaction reports (CTRs) and suspicious transaction reports (STRs), the establishment of a mechanism for customs officials to input into the IMPA database, the creation of regulations stipulating the time and method of bank reporting, and the creation of rules on safeguarding the IMPA database and rules for requesting and transmitting information between IMPA, the Israeli National Police (INP) and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet).